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 All right y'all, since we know literally almost nothing about the Voltron kids or their backstories or whatever, here are some of my headcanons that influence how I play Lance. Feel free to accept or reject as you will~
  • He's Latino (specifically Mexican-Cuban & was born/raised in the San Diego area)
  • His mom and dad were/are both second-generation immigrants, his mom from Cuba and his dad from Mexico. 
  • His mom is the shorter lady in the orange dress/yellow shirt in the picture we get of his family.
  • The guy in the green shirt and the girl in the white dress are his brother and sister. The person next to his sister is her partner~
  • The guy with the mustache is NOT his dad, but his mom's brother, so his uncle.
  • The other lady in the green shirt is his OTHER mom, who his bio mom married after she left his dad when he was a kid, because lesbian moms for the win.  
  • The girl all the way to one side in the skirt and heels is his older stepsister. The two little kids are his younger brother and sister, who his moms had together (possibly w/ a donation from his uncle??? Haven't figured that out). 
  • The older folks are his stepmom's (he's called her Amá since he was tiny) parents. Lance also had like 50000 cousins and uncles and aunts and they go back to Varadero every summer and have huge parties and go swimming all the time, it's awesome.
  • Lance is pan as fuq, but had sort of a difficult time coming to terms with it because kids at school were already assholes about him being a weird, sensitive, nerdy kid and having two moms. Still, his family has never been anything but supportive, because they're great. He tends to only openly display his crushes on girls, though, around other people.
  • He's got ADHD/ADD and has pretty much his entire life. There's a lot of fidgeting and moving around and messing with/touching stuff, as well as the ability to hyperfocus and forget about everything around him.
  • Yes ofc I headcanon that he has a dumb infuriating crush on Keith, it's great. I also have a soft spot for Lance/Hunk??? Because it's adorable and precious and Hunk is So Important.
  • Speaking of, I headcanon that Hunk and Lance have been friends since fifth or sixth grade. Hunk is Hawaiian, but also grew up near San Diego and went to the same schools as Lance, then they got into the Garrison together, it's great, they're great, they're BFF's, it's adorable.
  • SHIPPY THINGS: I am a shameless, reckless multishipper what up y'all. I am always always down for Lance/Keith or Lance/Hunk (my secret sweet love), no matter what, and I LOVE cross-canon CR. I tend to be more "eh" about most other in-canon ships, so please ask first. And again, Lance is a pan man with no plan, so throw everyone at him. Especially characters that could beat him up. That's his thing.


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